Customer Comments.

Hey Ton! You the man! Just got a notice from the Posti and picked up the shell from the main post office downtown! The lady was freaked out when I told her what it was! I have never had anyone pack an item like that before---what a superior job you did and thanks so much for expediting this casing so well!! I hope this isn´t the last of our business and all the best to you and your business! Many thanks, Roger

Hello Ton, I got the bottle today, I am very pleased with.Thank you very much, one of the best deals- quick, nice and very professional. I will recommend you to my friends. Best regards Erik😊

Hi TonThe gas mask already arrived at my house. Thank you very much and splendid item. Just arrived in time for our ww2 exhibition. Shaharom Ahmad - Malaya Historical Group - Researcher

Hi Ton,Received the Luftwaffe HBT jacket today Saturday the 19. I would like to thank you for doing a great job packaging it up so no further damage could occur. I am very happy with it and already have it in the shadow box and up on display. If you have time, you mention it was found in Saint Lô. Do you have anymore back story on it. If not that fine. Just love to hear. Attaching a photo to show it on display.Thanks again Your friend Mike Christensen

Thank you, Ton I look forward to receiving it and I really appreciate you allowing me to make payments! I have saved your website and look forward to doing more business with you. I will make sure to let the collecting community know how pleasant and stress free it was purchasing from you! I will also make sure to keep this very nice piece of history, from being further damage for other generations to come.Thanks again! Your Friend, Michael Christensen

Got the package today mate, spot on, thank you Ian S

Hi Ton,Today has arrived the package. Everything perfect. Thank you very much; I hope to continue buying in your web. Best regards Jose

Hi Ton, I received the helmet this morning. It's awesome thank you!Sincerly Alex

Hi Ton hope your weekends good too, just passed on your site details to a friend he's a new collecter , once again thank you for the ribbon its stunning the blues in the Ribbons outstanding, regards steve

Ton, thanks for a great transaction,and shipping fast. I work the same way when I sell on ebay, will keep an eye on your stuff ,mostly collecting real salty jap stuff these days,larry Watkins USA

Hi again Ton :))Yesssss The Eagle Has Landed :))))

I can not thank you enough for these magnificent/awesome/superb historical items and also for your quick shipment & perfect packaging. Best Regards and Greetings from Istanbul, Arman

The package arrived:-) Condition of boots is awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot. Best Regards Darek

Hi Ton,Y-straps have just arrived in my hands, really nice stuff!! I'm glad and I'll be happy to deal with you in the future. Many thanks Best Regards, Simone Storci

Hello Ton, I hope you are well. The packaged arrived this afternoon -- the tourniquet & Rotes Kreuz jar are very nice and well worth the wait caused by U.S. Customs. Thank you for your kind assistance. I'll watch your website for collection updates and be in touch. Kindest Regards, David

Hi Ton, Just letting you know that the helmet arrived safely this morning. Excellent item and truly fast service! Thanks again, mate, and have a good Christmas and a happy New Year. Regards, Alan

Hi Ton:They arrived safely late yesterday! All is fantastic and thanks again! Always interested in WW1 uniforms and equipment should you encounter them. All the best, Gordon

Ton. I got the pouch today and its great! a wonderful addition to my PPSH collection. Hope to do business again. Thanks! Dan

Got them thank you. Very nice. See you soon Brandon

Hello Ton,I just wanted to let you know that I received the trousers and to let you know how pleased I am with them! They're even better "in person" than I had expected. Thanks so much for the easy transaction, fast shipping, and great communication. It was a pleasure and I look forward to doing more future business! John

Ton: I received the shell casings today and they will make a wonderful addition to my educational display. Thank you for the smooth transaction. I look forward to doing business in the future. If you ever come across anything Canadian, please let me know. Cheers, Ben

Ton,Very very nice pair of boots, thanks for such a great sale, wonder why the delivery date kept slipping, I will look up some more items from you in the near future. Aaron - Australiankitstores

Many thanks Ton, Will get in touch as soon as it arrives. Fantastic service!! Best wishes Rich

Hi Ton,Thank you very much for your friendly and excellent service. I am just a small scale private collector - mainly of German WW2 equipment. Thanks again, Gary.

Hello TonYou know I have dealt with lots of people in this hobby of ours, some are friendly and some are real pains in the butt. I am hoping we can stay in touch as I am enjoying your professionalism, fast communication, but most of all your Friendliness. Your wonderful attitude to me as a client is awesome, and it is very appreciated. As we say here mate, you are true blue, salt of the earth, a bloody ripper of a person, a person worthy of the title of ‘mate'. See ya soon. Cheers Iain

Hello Ton,Nice to hear from you. Yes,These are very nice breeches. Thank you very much. I am still planning to come over around the 2nd week of January.Looking forward to meeting you. I will keep in touch with you until then. Regards,Ron

Hi Ton Helmet and other German equips arrived very well packed and very quickly. Thanks for the great back up service with advice and finding some things for me that I needed. Ray.

Hi Ton, just received the matches, nice item, very pleased. thanks, Paul.


Hi Ton,The shell case arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with it. Thanks, Jeremy

Hi ton,I'll recieve the packet, superbe pieces everything is all right, Thanks a lot and best regards Gwen

Hi Ton,The items arrived very very quickly....and well packed. I was shocked the parcel arrived so fast!!! Thank you for your friendly and professional manner and I hope to deal with you again in the near future. Best regards, Ray. PS. GREAT website.

Hi; THANKS ! For the great SS dagger hanger. Regards. David.

Hello ton.Today arrived ice pick. It is super, that this trade works.and ski wax is 35 euro and post 20 euro? I send the money after 8.9. hi juraj

Hi Ton,SS Typewriter arrived Today. EXCELLENT RELIC, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I will be in touch on future items. Best Regards, Jim

Hi Ton,Just got the helmets. Very pleased with the purchase. Will you be at "The Great Malvern International Military Convention" on7 November 2010? If so, I hope to meet you then. Take care, Luigi

Hi Ton, the package arrived today.Your packaging is great.and the content is also !! Many thanks.Bye Bertrand

Ton, Recieved RG-UF/M in mail today.. Excellent quality! Cylinder still has Oxygen in it.. Thank you again for such good communication and fast shipping, plus a very good item! Thanks! -Matt.

Hello Tonrecieved the package today, perfect. Kind regards Hugues

Ton!Yes, indeed. My apologies for not replying sooner, but I have been away from home for about a week...I am very pleased with the boots, though I haven't yet found a suitable place to store them! I look forward to dealing with you again, very soon. My very best wishes to you, Bob.

Hi Ton,Have just recieved the matches this morning,I'm very pleased with them,they look great with my little collection of Pioneer items. Kind Regards.Ivan.

Hello Ton,The packet is arrived today. All is perfect thank you. Best regards. Alex.

Thanks Ton, spade arrived today, well-packed and in good order. Very pleased! Thanks Peter

Good morning Ton,This is just to let you know that my Gordon Highlanders belt buckle arrived this morning and that I am very pleased indeed with it. The missing pin is just a standard brass split pin and I have plenty of those.Many thanks indeed. Regards, David.

Hi TonSorry for taking so long, yes it did arrive with no problem. Nice addition to my medical collection. Regards Rich

Hi Ton!I have receive the package with the unit. The unit is real nice and in a very good condition.Thankyou for the great service. With best regards/Anders

Hello Ton,just arrived the pick. Thanks for the good contact and the fast delivery. Yours Thomas