WW2 U.S. 82nd Airbourne Div. Helmet 'D' Bales - Nijmegen


This is a very rare original WW2 US M2 82nd Airborne Division Paratrooper Helmet totaly complete with all straps and liner parts. This helmet is a 'D' fixed bale model from 1942, front seam and in very good condition. It has been found in the Nijmegen area of The Netherlands where the 82nd dropped during Operation Market Garden in September 1944. There is a paper lable attached to the liner with 'Hq Btry 82nd Abn Div Arty' and also on the inside liner rim, the soldier's name, Joe Martin with his seriel number. The liner was made by Firestone. The helmet batch number is 859A.

€ 1750.00