WW2 WL Flieger Document Set


An amazing set of documents from a Luftwaffe Flight engineer / Radio operator. This comprises of Soldbuch, Wehrpass, Luftwaffenbordfunkerschein and Arbeitsbuch. He served in Russia with KG76 and later in Afrika, Kreta & Sicilie. He was awarded the following, Bordfunker Abzeichen, EK2, EK1, Ostfront medaille, Frontflugspange in bronze, silver and gold plus the 200 sorties. What is interesting is after the war he was not interred as a POW but sent to work and his Arbeitsbuch was used for his work registration. There is too much information in these documents to give the whole history but this is an excellent oportunitiy for an expert to reserch.

€ 1100.00